Cardiac reahbilitation Program

Coulis Cardiology's nationally accredited Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is a medically supervised program aimed to help strengthen your heart, reduce your risk of future cardiovascular events and improve your overall quality of life.


Dr. Coulis' team of compassionate and certified exercise physiologists is trained in cardiac risk assessment, exercise prescription and cardiac risk factor modification. Our location in the Coulis Cardiology office provides immediate access to cardiologists and cardiac-trained nurses if any questions or concerns arise during exercise.


Before any exercise program begins, our team of ACLS-trained (advanced cardiac life support) exercise physiologists, nurses and cardiologists carefully evaluate your physical abilities and risk factors. This personalized, cardiologist-approved treatment plan is specifically designed to reduce the risk factors that may have led to your heart condition.


Exercise is essential to cardiovascular wellness; however, we understand that the thought of exercise with a heart condition can be scary. Knowing this, our team will customize a safe and effective program that fits your needs and cardiovascular goals. While exercising, your heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure and oxygen levels will be carefully monitored to provide you with the security that you are exercising safely.


Cardiac Rehab offers free education classes for patients as well as their family and friends. These topics are geared toward helping you understand the importance of exercising and lifestyle changes in your recovery. Our registered dietician provides guidance and tips on sustaining a more cardiac-sensitive diet as well as ways to improve your cholesterol.


Our entire staff is dedicated to providing assistance and encouragement. We understand that coping with heart disease can be very challenging. To better serve you and your family, we strive to provide you the best patient care possible during your recovery and to be a resource for you for many years to come.

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